Bearish flag has risen on dallal street !

Bears have came into dominance by beating the bulls aggressively from 10900 which was exactly 50% correction where nifty has vanished all the gains of 2018 and it has closed with 1% gain YOY so its clear most of the portfolio are bleeding, but market has given multiple and great opportunity for shor…

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Quick view

Hello everyone I wanted to share a few quick important things here,

We have posted nifty pattern on nov19th on our instagram page (use the link ) where we have told that nifty is going to touch the levels 10900 , but after making ra…

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what will be the next move on nifty?

                     Equity market witnessed the sharp fall with extreme volatility on Friday, Nifty50 which has opened on a positive note and later swung nearly 500 points from the high, though it has ended with a minor loss of  92 points to form a strong bearish candle , this was followed by panic…

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NIFTY 50 TEAM FOR THIS FIFA WORLDCUP- The winning portfolio

           This portfolio that we have constructed ideally represents a football game. where one can win on dallal street with good return for next 4 years. Considering that the portfolio has equal weightage.  

             Like a football team which is composed with 11 players of atta…

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Nifty forecast

     The nifty50 breached an important support  of 10050 on friday and it has managed to close below for first time since October 2017, also we have recognized some major bearish signal's from budget day that is on feb 1st 2018, we can see major patterns like three black crows regularly which s…

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All about day trading

        Today, day trading remains a popular activity among both professional investors and amateurs. Some people will tell you day trading is a risky activity but according to me it’s easy to win a day trade than picking a multibagger, and also it largely depends on your skill as an individual trad…

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Nifty is facing a biggest hurdle at this level !

According to Fibonacci by taking a major level's like high 9119 on Apr 2015 and low of 6840 on Feb 2016, we get L1=10010 & L2=10550 as major support and resistance.

*We can see that Nifty has bought from the lows of  10030 level during this month which was near to L1 and it shows very good support…

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Have pharma stocks entered risk free zone?

    The probable answer is yes, pharma index is one of the worst performer of this bull market it has corrected above 30% but expectation was around 15-20% to know the reasons which company to buy or which to exit and also for which to average down, what is the risk reward ratio read the complete …

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One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest is the prospect of not having to work your entire life. If you don’t invest, you are missing out an opportunities to increase your financial worth. There are so many tools to invest like mutual funds, ETF, stocks, commodity.

1)Power of investin…

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Market is under correction

         From a couple of week market is going under correction due to overbought condition and over streched by technical indicators,

    The nifty50 remained volatile and sharp bouts of profit taking, from history we can know that August is a volatile month for the global markets, recently …

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The life of Jesse livermore

"I lost money when i did not follow my own rule's" this is the famous quote by jesse livermore , He is also called as "the great bear of wall street" when he made $100 million in a single day. Now you are going to read about a person who made four separate fortunes from a bankrupt to millionaire.

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How to become a successful day trader

         One of the thing that draws people to day trading is the fact that you can do it on your own from any where in the world. you don't have a boss,and the only person you have to report to is yourself. All you need is a computer,internet connection,the right trading strategy or tool and m…

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           Nifty50 is trading at 9670 but previous high was 9117.30 on 03/04/2015 after this it has retraced to 6825.80 in 10 months, recently nifty made a life time high of 9708 so let us know where the nifty50 is heading to, according to our research we have got two levels

1st level 96…

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