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Bearish flag has risen on dallal street !

Bears have came into dominance by beating the bulls aggressively from 10900 which was exactly 50% co…

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Quick view

Hello everyone I wanted to share a few quick important things here,

We have posted nifty pattern o…

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what will be the next move on nifty?

                     Equity market witnessed the sharp fall with extreme volatility on Friday, Nifty…

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NIFTY 50 TEAM FOR THIS FIFA WORLDCUP- The winning portfolio

           This portfolio that we have constructed ideally represents a football game. where one can…

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Nifty forecast

     The nifty50 breached an important support  of 10050 on friday and it has managed to close below…

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Nifty is facing a biggest hurdle at this level !

According to Fibonacci by taking a major level's like high 9119 on Apr 2015 and low of 6840 on Feb 2…

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Have pharma stocks entered risk free zone?

    The probable answer is yes, pharma index is one of the worst performer of this bull market it …

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Market is under correction

         From a couple of week market is going under correction due to overbought condition and over…

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           Nifty50 is trading at 9670 but previous high was 9117.30 on 03/04/2015 after this …

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